A new good bye and and old farewell



 Since this year would be over for most kids an d teachers(mentally), i have posted a picyure of how if you really enjoy drawing it comes to life in your hands.

There is always in the eyes of the beholder but it really doesn’t really mean anything unless it branches out into the other worlds of people’s minds.

There is always a way to do things if you put your minds to it!!
Just remember that, you who have the special talent in the drawing arts. Nothing is out of reach if you have a tool in your hands.

Hey that was a great quote!! 🙂

Any how have a great life.

There is always a light after the dark so fear not.

I’ll see ya on the otherr side.

So much drama!

Bah! I really can’t beleive that this year is going to end so soon!!!!


I am like super stressed out trying to scavenge what is left of this year!!!

 I am so worried over my AP Government grade because i am going to be damned if i have to go to summer school!!(metephorically of course)

So yes i am going to try to make at least a 96 in that class or die trying!!

Oh, yes, to all readers….

What classes are you having a bit of trouble in?

Prom madness!

Okay, so prom is like a month away but yet i find myself trying to find beautiful(and cheap) dresses with feaverish intent. All is not so bleak though in this frenzy, i have located a website that has both requirements in my search!

Hopefully i will find a dress before the last minute!

Even in all my classes my obsession with finding that one great dress has been on my mind!(i blame my teachers)

Okay so math class:” and so Susie bought her prom dress for $40. Now find How much she will get with the rebate…”.

English:” Remember Kids, prom is only a few more weeks away…so don’t get caught with weed or you won’t go…”

Government:”Make sure you vote for a prom queen” Lol *eyeroll*

Even anatomy:”So even Colors you wear are…..just like a prom dress”


(Sorry for yelling)

Alex is out.


The Glorious Lights of Above Rain down upon me!!!!

So Today was the day that my video/play/40% of my grade was due!!!

Luckily, Mrs. Southard is benevolent as well as gracious; she gave me an extra day to do my assignment.

I have realised a grave mistake I have been making for so long that it felt like a part of my DNA sequence: ask for help. I know that it may seem silly or strange to hear this coming from me but I am, have ,and probably always will be terrified of asking any one to help me with something I am struggling with. It’s not like i really hate to be helped but i am very uncomfortable with the thought of bothering someone else to do something they probably think they could do in their sleep. That’s all. I just really hate to bother anyone for anything that i have a possible chance of doing by myself.


So anyways, we had to get our stuff turned in by today in my 4th period but i had caught my teacher in the hall way and told her of my predicament with the computer and ahe told me since i had been open and told her straight out she would give me an extra day.


So yes life lesson learned.

I’m Baaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkk!!!!!!! :)

Okay so I am currently learning much too much about the fiilm industry in my English class!!!

Our teacher ,Mrs.Southard, has my whole class doing a short film about certain scenes about Macbeth(I wonder if i should have a dramatic pause…i think i shall…………………………………there it is. 🙂 ).

I have this theory you see, i think that the people who make the springboard books down town hate all children and wish to make our lives torture.

I’m kidding of course(or am I?) but it certinately feels like it because we are to do this film over spring break. 🙁

Any ways, I have the part of lady Macduff in the scene of the murder of her son. I always knew my children would be killed……LOL Its an old joke between friends but yes murder.

Unfourtunately, i as a slacker have been  teamed up with other such slackers so we’ll see how well this project will go.

Yay Math I Can Understand!!!!

Oh-kay party people… here’s the low down on all i’ve actually learned in math class.
Yeah, you heard(rather read)me!!
I have actually processed something in math!! ☺
Well, there is this thing called SOH CAH TOA that we are learnig in my awesome math class.


– This is short for Sine equals Opposite side over Hypotenuse. (If you recall, the Opposite side is the side of the triangle directly opposite the angle you’re examining. The hypotenuse is the longest side, the one opposite the right angle.)


– This is short for Cosine equals Adjacent side over Hypotenuse. (The Adjacent side is the side of the triangle next to the angle you’re examining that is NOT the hypotenuse.)


– This is short for the Tangent equals the Opposite side over the Adjacent side. (You’ll notice this one doesn’t even need the hypotenuse!)

1 10 lINE POEM



Art, how colorful is the word.

Art, the birth of creativity.

Art, the music of the soul.

Art, the healing touch.

Art, the harmonious sunset.

Art, the roar of the waves clashing on the cliff.

Art, the laughter of the ones I love encircling me.

Art, the beat of my heart.

Art, the deepest of oceanic dreams.

Art, the greatest happiness.